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Suffering is our golden net to expose the ghost of me and misery.

Peace of mind is the birthright of every human being, and it is available here and now, independent of circumstances.

Happiness through peace of mind is simply the dropping away of suffering.

With a little thinking and bravery we can demystify the mechanism of identity (cause) and suffering (effect).

Welcome to this free and private website.
Welcome to this playful, but sincere invitation to explore a core issue we are all entangled in -- the root of man's quiet desperation, exploitation and inhumanity.

With deep gratitude to Magdi Badawy, Roger Castillo, Rupert Spira, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Joel Goldsmith and many other beings who help me to investigate my own humanity; without any claim to fame, but encouraging you to prove me wrong: a win-win while our bodies are still warm.

After 50+ years of "me" I could call myself an expert in suffering;  materially having much more than probably most people on this planet, yet, until recently, lost in faulty thinking and unaware of the mechanism of my own identity and consequential suffering:

Pleasure and pain are circumstantial and belong to the flow of life. Suffering is attitudinal and can completely drop away. 

~Roger Castillo

What is the difference between believing this and knowing this?

Let's find out, together!
There is a great power in feeling, in thinking together, in having an audience, in getting feedback, in reflecting in being lovingly challenged; not for entertainment, but to be stimulated again into real life.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud...
Discerning what is imagined and what IS.

Holger: It is too easy to react, to reject, to complain.
I am exposing my current understanding and invite you to help me to clarify, to share!
The simpler the better, like baby food. "Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex."

Like a seeming microscopic Corona virus can paralyze the world in fear, so our itsy bitsy individual clarity and peace can spread and infect sleeping humanity. Just by resting in our natural peace while doing what we do. Is this too simple?

Kissing the toad: not to run away, but to embrace what IS.

Frog in Carmel Valley

My happiness is not to be found in circumstance

Happiness is available regardless of pleasure or pain.

Happiness is not depending on outcome.

What is happiness?

Peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances

Simply the absence of suffering

Neither sexy nor exciting

Our effortless nature

What is pleasure and pain?

Biological preferences according to our genes and up-to-date conditioning:




What is Suffering?

Psychological & muscle-memory "me" identity

Faulty thinking

worry, anxiety

blame, shame, guilt, pride

expectation, attachment to outcome

Practical Benchmark!

"Unbroken peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstance".

Not as an expectation or goal, but as an intimate meter to recalibrate attention back into its natural state.

Isn't it amazing how thinking can be our seemingly greatest enemy or our most powerful ally. 

Why do I want what I want?
What do I really, really want?

Truth is an activity in our own consciousness. We are the operant power.

Can we embrace the gift of being  aware and forgiving towards our own faulty thinking, in an atmosphere of effortless inner trust and rest?

All of this as an invitation into the unknown; not as a new belief or hope, but as a pointer to our own unique living discovery, here and now; walking the talk.

And how humiliating -- in a healthy sense -- when we see that this peace and clarity was and is always available. 

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