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Welcome to this playful, but sincere invitation to explore a core issue we are all entangled in – the root of man's quiet desperation, exploitation and inhumanity.

With deep gratitude to the Garden Of Friends, Magdi Badawy, Roger Castillo, Rupert Spira, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Joel Goldsmith and many other beings who help me to investigate my own humanity. 

Without any claim to fame, but encouraging you to prove me wrong: a win-win while our bodies are still warm.

After 50+ years of "me" I could call myself an expert in suffering;  materially having much more than probably most people on this planet. Yet, until recently, lost in faulty thinking and unaware of the mechanism of my own identity and consequential suffering.

Holger Hub-bs

"... events happen, deeds are done,
consequences happen,
but there is no individual doer
of any deed”

Understanding suffering ... the end of suffering


Suffering is a pain, a discomfort we do unto ourself, mostly unbeknownst.

Suffering is a commentary we entertain, accompanying circumstances.

This commentary often runs unaware on auto-pilot, and is likely to negatively affect our moods, energy levels, physical health, relationships...


Most people think and feel on behalf of what we believe to be "me".

This me – victim or hero – exists as lifelong habits in our private imagination and muscle-memory.

The me-chanism of suffering can be elegantly dissolved through the effortless loving light of awareness. 

"The separate self cannot stand the bright but gentle light of disinterested investigation."


Suffering arises as

All of these feelings are preceded by a deeply ingrained sense of personal doership, which we rarely question or examine.

Our natural state of happiness and flow is constantly present, but veiled and overlooked because of our misguided sense of self.

What to do?

When someone tells us that 2 plus 2 equals 5, we don't need to fight for the truth; the same applies for the arising of suffering. We have an innate sense that something is off, but are easily trapped in trying to make-sense and to "do" something on the surface, instead to investigate the root of what is! 

Suffering is a small fun-da-mental misunderstanding with huge consequences! 

Our happiness is not dependent on circumstances, yet the paper tigers of pride, shame, guilt, blame, fear can intimidate us for decades/lifetimes, and prolong our unhappiness.

In the company of friends – truth lovers, experienced sufferers – we can allow ourself to pretend some bravery and risk to take a closer look at the subtleties of our sufferings, without habitually running away from our "I don't like this". 

"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."

The truth is that which never changes; the truth is not a body of knowledge, memory, facts, experiences, but the gift of seeing what is, before our conditioned mind quickly tries to interpret reality for us.

Rarely do we notice the middle man – our thinking mind – creating our suffering by distracting us from embracing with our heart what mind cannot understand.

It is not rocket-science, but it requires bravery, love and humility to discover that what we always longed for in never-ending circumstances, is always here and now.

It takes a universe to make a sandwich

Don't be a stranger, send me an email, just for no reason; I am not selling water at the river.

It is not about fixing or improving an assumed ego/person... this happens on its own.

Being human means inter-human relationships; to outgrow the kindergarten of me and you.

We are here to celebrate life, to share, to be practical.

It hurts to see this precious earth seemingly being wasted, nature destroyed, people being hypnotized.

I am not on a mission to save the world.

At times I just enjoy meeting friends – truth lovers – maybe just for a timeless "hello".